Benefits and Tips of Napping for Children

Researchers have shown that about 85 percent of the mammals have a tendency to sleep for brief time-period throughout the entire day. However, human beings do not belong to this category as the days for them are classified into 2 separate time-periods. While tome is dedicated for wakefulness, the second one is for sleeping. However, there is no clarity about whether it is the natural sleeping pattern for the mankind or not. Elderly people and young kids prefer to take nap in the course of the day. In fact, napping is a crucial part of several cultures.

Many of the developed countries and emerging economies are depriving themselves from the much-required sleep. Many a times, it is the hectic lifestyle that prevents people from taking a nap. However, a nap is not adequate for making up for poor or inadequate nighttime sleep. But when you take a brief nap for about twenty minutes to half an hour, your mood can improve tremendously and your work performance and alertness may also improve. Many of the renowned world leaders such as George W. Bush, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Napoleon, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill are to known have appreciated the importance of an afternoon nap.

Tips for your children’s nap

  • A brief nap for your child is an integral part of childcare in Singapore. When your child takes a nap for about half-an hour in the afternoon, it can improve his performance and alertness without intervening with the sleep at nighttime.
  • The sleeping environment for your child has a great impact on his ability of falling asleep. You should ensure that your child is lying down in a restful place and the room has a comfortable temperature. Make sure that the noise level and the extent of the light are limited so that your kid can have a peaceful nap.
  • In case your child takes his nap quite late in the day, it can affect his sleep during the nighttime. Your child in such cases may not find it easy to sleep at his regular bedtime. On the other hand, of your child takes the nap too early in a day, you child’s body may not be prepared for some more sleep.


Benefits of a nap

  • Studies have proved that naps can help in enhancing performance, restoring alertness, and reducing accidents and mistakes. NASA had conducted a study on sleepy astronauts and military pilots and came out with an observation that a nap for about 0 minutes enhanced the alertness level by 100 percent and performance by 34 percent.
  • Napping offers psychological benefits for your kids. It can be similar to a brief vacation and a luxury in many ways. Your kid can be completely rejuvenated and relaxed after a short nap.

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