Storytelling in Preschool – Benefits and Importance

Preschools are the stepping stones towards kinder garden education that help children understand basic details about colors, shapes and other objects around them. Just as games and social interactions are a part of pre-school activities, storytelling is a common way of helping enhance learning capabilities of children. Like everywhere around the world preschools in singapore engage children in interactive storytelling with the help of props and actions. Teachers encourage children to share stories about their experiences at home with other members and pets or during holidays and vacations. When children share their experiences in the form of stories it encourages their creative abilities and also increases memory when they try to recall past incidents.

Improving language skills

Storytelling in preschools is an essential part of basic education as children learn to appreciate different speech inflections and expand their vocabulary with new words. When they are asked to tell stories on their own, children develop language skills as at this young age they are still trying to put words together. Within preschools in Singapore children are encouraged to ask doubts about stories and characters which makes them communicative and also increases their confidence to speak up in a peer group.


Students that take part in storytelling exercises improve their creativity as they learn about new places, relationships and characters that leave an impact on their young minds. While teaching children about their cultural roots, stories also help them use familiar concepts of day to day incidents in innovative ways. When children watch teachers using funny gestures, sounds and dramatic expressions to explain scenes in the movies they also try to incorporate the same antics in their own story telling sessions to engage audience.

Improves memory and general knowledge

Even with educated and knowledgeable parents who understand the importance of early education and engage in regular dialog with children, youngsters need stimulation and challenge of their peer group to learn new things. By interacting with others in their preschools in Singapore they learn about challenges of multicultural life which stimulates their imagination about new worlds. Memory cells are constantly challenged by storytelling exercises as they have to remember dialogs, characters and plots without the assistance of reading materials. Books teach children about different cultures, history and languages inspiring them to explore further about new stories.

Parents should continue storytelling that has been discussed at their child’s preschool in Singapore by giving it a more colorful twist. This will help the child know that there could be several viewpoints to one incident.

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