Tips for Finding an Affordable Playgroup

Your kid may not be ripe enough to go to a school but attending an affordable playgroup in Singapore will help your child learn right social and emotional skills to attend the proper school with confidence.

Plan ahead

The best strategy for saving money is planning ahead in time. This is the way to save hundreds or thousands of dollars. The best places to look for are the programs that are not out to make money. These are less expensive childcare programs because these programs are subsidized either by the non-profits with the mission to support families or the government. Recreation Department and county parks are the best places to look for.

In addition, you may look for several other places such as libraries, city recreation departments, state and community parks, temples, churches and other religious institutions. JCCs, YMCAs, girl scouts, community centers, public schools, symphonies, museums, nature centers, consulates and embassies. In addition look for co-op formats or cooperative playgroup. It could save you thousands of dollars a year compared to private school costs in education.

Choose wisely

While playgroup is critical to the proper growth and development of small kids, spending thousands of dollars may not be everyone’s idea of a playgroup. Play group is not just a great fun but it is also important because it develops a set of critical skills among children including social interaction, communication, problem solving and physical skills. If you cannot find a playgroup in your area, you can always start one of your own.

There are several reasons playgroups are created. The playgroups in your area could have become full or there are no playgroups in your area. There are many playgroups that are held on only specific days. Therefore, the idea of starting a playgroup of your own can be wonderful and certainly not something that is impossible.

As a first step you will need to find families with children in the same age group. These families can be found at hospitals, child health centers and schools. You may put up a notice at sports or community center or church or at all these places. Next you need to choose a place and fix up a day and time. The place could be a public venue or community or member’s houses on a rotational basis. Next you need to decide on the activities and play, set the guidelines and get the playgroup finally registered. The cost of running the playgroup can be minimized with all the members chipping in their contributions.

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