How To Find A Suitable Playgroup For Your Child

The task of finding a suitable place for your child to play can be quite daunting, but it needs to be done, anyway. There are plenty of choices available and to get it right can be quite nerve racking. Here is a simple guide to follow.

  • Have a look at a place at least six months to a year before enrolling your child.
  • Make sure that you look at a number of schools before you zero in on one.
  • Some schools have a wait list, so if you finalise on the one that you like, call in and right away.
  • Children usually attend preschool with the playgroup in Singapore, between the ages of 18 months to 30 months.
  • Check out whether it is for half a day or the entire day. The entire day solution is ideal for working parents.
  • Check out references from other parents. If you are satisfied with the responses of random parents, this would be the one for your little man or little lady.
  • Verify if the school has a strict policy on potty training. Most of them require that the child has been potty trained. If you have not accomplished this, you will have to look for a playgroup that provides this. That being said it is much better to train your little one on using the potty before sending her or him to playschool.
  • Find out about the group activities that are offered and if it will be a rewarding experience for your child.
  • Do the carers have adequate experience?

There are quite a number of points to consider before enrolling your child in a preschool group. A parent always knows what is necessary and going with your gut instinct most often is spot on. At a playgroup Singapore, children are encouraged to speak in English and Mandarin. This bilingual method of communication paves the way for your little one to learn something new.

A playgroup that offers time for children to socialise and learn something new must have carers who are pleasant and kind firm. For a couple of hours, the little angel will be in the care of others. The experience must be a happy one not one that causes the child any pain or harm. If the values imparted are in sync with yours, the playgroup may just be the right one for your sweetheart, keeping in mind the location and the run rate of the school.