Here’s how can you choose the right nursery school for your child

A number of nurseries may be available in the place you live and this may make your task of choosing the right one for your child difficult. Therefore, you should do proper research.

The first step is to have a list of nurseries in your locality. You can inquire with the parents in your locality whom you know if they can suggest any nurseries. Once you have a list, you must ask the following questions, the answers of which will help you in choosing the right pre nursery in Singapore.

1. Does the pre nursery have spaces for the particular time you are looking for?

2. Do they have space for your child? Some schools put a cap on the number of children they admit.

3. Will your child be provided food and if so, which meals will they serve? Will the foods have all the nutrients your child may need?

4. If your child is very small, will the school offer diapers, etc., or should you bring them?

5. Where will the child sleep and will the space be ventilated well?

6. If you decide to leave the pre nursery in Singapore, do you have to give a notice and if so, when?

7. How is the security arrangement in the school? Can outsiders enter the school premises freely? Has the school put in place good systems for the security of children?

8. What is the policy of the school with regard to those children who become ill? Most of the schools ask the parents not to send their children to their school if they have been affected by certain diseases, because such illnesses may cause harm to other children as well as employees of the school.

9. Does the school have good space for playing and other activities?
Apart from ensuring that the school bestows utmost attention on the safety of children, you should check if there is a clean environment in the school premises. Unclean environment will lead to health issues to your child and hence, you must not commit the mistake of choosing a school that does not take steps to have a clean environment.

Likewise, if the school will be supplying food to your child, you must be certain that the food is prepared in a clean kitchen. This is very important because children are easily susceptible to infections that may be caused by unclean kitchens.

The curriculum should have a lot of play and fun activities because experts believe that such activities will help children learn faster and more easily.