Why Learning a New Language Will Give Your Child an Edge

Parents do not always know of this, but children are far more capable of learning a new language during their formative years than when they get older. Singapore Private Schools offer your child the chance to enrich their mind as they grow older, This means that by the time they obtain their high school diploma, they will be one step ahead of other children, and better capable of navigating their way across today’s world. Children, while they are still growing and while their brains are still developing can learn a language with greater ease. Compared to adults, whose brains have become developed, younger children can learn a new language better.

Singapore Private Schools give your child the opportunity to do just that. Here is a list of reasons why it is beneficial to give your child this added edge while they go to a private school.

  • Improved Brain Development: Research has shown that the brain of a young child is very active during their formative years, especially in the area of learning languages. This ability diminishes as a person ages. Children are far more receptive to languages around them and can pick things u[ with surprising ease. Actual effort is required once a child reaches the age of seven, but before that their mind is free to pick up a language from their surroundings. Also, modern day research shows that those who are bilingual or multilingual are also less likely to suffer from disorders such as Alzheimers.
  • It Helps with Their Native Language as Well: The ability to think in more than one language is a great gift to any child. It helps them to be natural translators, as well as to communicate with various people from across the world. If you are worried that being bilingual might negatively affect your child’s growth, then put your mind at ease. A child is more than capable of learning multiple languages at the same time.
  • It Creates Cultural Awareness: We live in a global society, and it is increasingly becoming more important to acclimatize ourselves to that fact. By encouraging your child to learn a new language, you help them to open the doors to another country. Not only do they learn the language, they gain the ability to learn about different cultures as well. By becoming more receptive to the global nature of today’s world, they become true citizens of modern society.