Why must child safety be a top priority in childcare centers?

Leaving your child with an almost stranger is scary enough but not knowing whether they are safe or not is something that can cause nightmares in even the most trusting of parents. Children are prone to mischief and some forms of mischief can even cause them to get injured. It is important that all child caregivers be well prepared and trained to be able to prevent these injuries and illnesses as well as being prompt and quick to react in cases of emergencies.

The most important first step towards keeping the children safe from illnesses is to keep the child care center clean. This includes cleaning and disinfecting the beds, linen, toys, utensils and any other surfaces that the child will touch clean and safe from microorganisms.

Changing of diapers and toileting are the two major reasons for the spread of germs in a child care center especially those with a playgroup in singapore , it is important that this is done in an area that is away from all the children and minimizing the spread of germs in the child care center. It is also important that any child who needs to use the toilet is supervised as that is the area where most injuries can take place.

No matter how care full the child caregiver is there are always some instances there are always some unforeseen emergencies that they will have to deal with. That is why it is important that all child care centers have first aid kits that have all the required supplies. These kits should be kept in a place that is easy to reach and should be checked every three months for supplies that have expired or that need to be restocked. It is also important that the child caregivers are well trained in first aid and how to react in times of emergencies.

It is important that the child care centers make the outdoor play area safe for the kids; here are some tips for the safety of the child outdoors.

Never leave the children alone outside.

They should be taught the dangers of playing near the street and should be explained the importance of asking for help if a toy rolls onto the street or the driveway.

Always check outdoor play areas and remove any article that can be harmful to the child.

Make sure that all outdoor play areas are well fenced with gates that have child proof latches so that there is no danger to the child.

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How To Choose The Right Music Course For Your Child

When you decide to send your child for music classes like guitar lesson singapore there are two major decisions that have to be made before they start playing the music. The first question would be which instrument you think would be the best for your child. And the second is which class do you send your child to.

The child can usually answer the first question for you as they will be the one who is learning it and will choose the instrument that they are most interested in and comfortable with. The second is the big questions that you will have to ask yourself and figure out on your own.

The first point to remember while choosing the music class for your child is to find out who the teacher will be and interact with him or her before you enroll your child for that class. It can also be a good idea for you to take your child along during this meeting and see how the child and the teacher interact with each other as it is very important the there is a comfort level between the two that can facilitate the child’s learning.

Another important factor to consider would be how many other students are in the class at one point in time. This will depend on your child’s ability to concentrate and grasp the concepts of music that are taught to them. You can choose between one on one sessions for your child with the music teacher or you can choose a group class where the child can interact with other potential musicians

The next factor will be the location of the music class. It should not be too far away so that it becomes difficult for you to drop and pick up your child. On another note, the class should be located in an area that is safe for you and your child.

The final important factor that you have to consider while choosing the music course for your child is the cost of the classes. It is important to consider the cost as well as the service that you will be provided for that cost. Listen to the reviews of the classes and then make the final decision as you may be wasting more money if you choose a cheaper class and the teachers are not professional enough and do not teach the child any helpful skill.If you are planning to get your kid enrolled into drumming lessons Singapore, why not try out Ossia.

Why Parents Like To Send Their Kids To Private Primary School?

Everyone may not have the same reason for sending their kids for a private school education. However, all parents would agree that they prefer sending their children to a good private primary school for the following reasons.

Enhance academic opportunities

One accepted merit of a good private primary school in Singapore is that it offers to challenge as well as exceptional academic experiences through the IB curriculum, Advanced Placement courses, extracurricular activities, gifted programs and much more. Moreover, students of private schools constantly keep scoring high marks in college entrance examinations and standardized tests. There are several private schools where hundred percent students attend the University of their Choice.

Smaller class strength

Many educational researchers did a detailed study on the impact of a class size. The study showed that when the class size is smaller, the performance of the average students become better, especially in academic achievement tests. And when your children get exposure in a smaller class for a longer time, the gains for them are even greater. Depending on the style of their teaching, all private schools concentrate on the importance of smaller teacher-to-students ratio so that students can be given more individualized focus on their areas of improvement and polish their skills.

Greater parental involvement

A majority of the private schools are developed around the principle of open and free communication between the school administration and the parents. There are frequent meetings between parents and teachers, active participation of parents in fundraising activities, family camps over the weekends and parent breakfasts. All these initiatives are taken to make sure that the parents become an integral part in the education of their children. Such initiatives also ensure that the relationship between the parents and the children are strengthened.

Safe environment

It has been observed that a majority of the private schools enjoy a reputation of keeping a high standard in matters of respect and discipline. Since the staff-to-student ratio is lower in such schools, teachers can observe their students more effectively and control the in the school premises.  Private schools also demotivated dangerous behavior.

Dedicated teaching staff

Many parents claim that the teachers’ dedication and experience attracted them towards private schools. Instructors in good private schools are both passionate and qualified in their subjects.

So if you are planning on sending your kid to a private school, make sure you do a good amount of research before making a decision.



Why Learning a New Language Will Give Your Child an Edge

Parents do not always know of this, but children are far more capable of learning a new language during their formative years than when they get older. Singapore Private Schools offer your child the chance to enrich their mind as they grow older, This means that by the time they obtain their high school diploma, they will be one step ahead of other children, and better capable of navigating their way across today’s world. Children, while they are still growing and while their brains are still developing can learn a language with greater ease. Compared to adults, whose brains have become developed, younger children can learn a new language better.

Singapore Private Schools give your child the opportunity to do just that. Here is a list of reasons why it is beneficial to give your child this added edge while they go to a private school.

  • Improved Brain Development: Research has shown that the brain of a young child is very active during their formative years, especially in the area of learning languages. This ability diminishes as a person ages. Children are far more receptive to languages around them and can pick things u[ with surprising ease. Actual effort is required once a child reaches the age of seven, but before that their mind is free to pick up a language from their surroundings. Also, modern day research shows that those who are bilingual or multilingual are also less likely to suffer from disorders such as Alzheimers.
  • It Helps with Their Native Language as Well: The ability to think in more than one language is a great gift to any child. It helps them to be natural translators, as well as to communicate with various people from across the world. If you are worried that being bilingual might negatively affect your child’s growth, then put your mind at ease. A child is more than capable of learning multiple languages at the same time.
  • It Creates Cultural Awareness: We live in a global society, and it is increasingly becoming more important to acclimatize ourselves to that fact. By encouraging your child to learn a new language, you help them to open the doors to another country. Not only do they learn the language, they gain the ability to learn about different cultures as well. By becoming more receptive to the global nature of today’s world, they become true citizens of modern society.

First Day of School: Must-Have Supplies

Your little one will soon start preschool. It’s an exciting time for both you and them. A whole new routine, new friends, new activities, everything is new. But you can’t send your child to his or her preschool in Singapore unprepared. Here’s a list of supplies that you should include in your child’s tiny backpack for the first day of his or her preschool in Singapore.

Art supplies: Art is going to be an important part of your little one’s day, so make sure you stock up on paints, brushes, and washable markers. Singapore preschools will mostly provide kids with supplies, but it’s always best to have your own stock. During art class, your child will learn how to bring his or her imagination to life on paper. Art class is also a great way for your child to learn how to share.

A suitable lunch box: Since you’ll have to pack your little one’s lunch, you’ll have to find the right lunch box. Buy a two-tiered or segmented box that will help you pack fruits, crackers, and everything else easily. Some boxes come with a spoon or a spork, so make sure it’s safe for children to use.

A luggage tag: Fill in your details like phone number and home address on a luggage tag and attach it to your little one’s backpack. You could even buy a personalized luggage tag which will make it easier for your child to identify his or her backpack.

A blanket: Your child will need a soft, comfy blanket for naptime and reading. Make sure you don’t buy one that’s too big. A medium-sized thin blanket will suffice. It’s meant only for comfort and not warmth.

A change of clothes: This is necessary in case your child gets messy or there has been an accident. The teacher will be more than grateful if your little one is carrying an extra pair of clothes.

Hand sanitizer and tissues: These will help your kid maintain some sense of personal hygiene, especially when your child has a runny nose. The hand sanitizer will help them understand the concept of germs and why it’s important to keep their hands clean.

When you’re buying these products, make sure you’re not pinching pennies. Your child will most certainly misplace many of these items, so always make sure you have back-up.

The Impact Of Interpersonal Communication Skills During The Formative Years

An only child most often keeps to himself, especially in the early years. At the Singapore playgroup, he is open to new company and learns how to interact. It is important for a child to communicate with his peers. Children are often privy to adult programs on television or adult conversations. At the playgroup, children play and learn in a new setting from that they are used to at home. This influences their lives for the better as they adjust and mix with other kids. They learn the art of sharing toys and tantrums are far and few between.

Preparing your baby for playschool can take time, especially if he has always been mollycoddled at home. It is also quite scary for a little one to venture out into the ‘great outdoors’, after the security and comfort of home. The first day may be hell but after he learns that mommy is not around, he will adjust. The rules of most playgroups is that children must be potty trained. However, in the event of an incident, staff are taught to be kind and understanding with the child. At the playgroup http://www.ourjuniors.com.sg/ every single staff member is patient with the kids. This affects their learning as they gear themselves up for kindergarten and later nursery school.

Playgroups are not only fun places for a child. Given the fact that kids of the 21st century are much more curious than before; they are encouraged to learn the letters of the alphabet and numbers. Nursery rhymes always get children churned up with a tendency to repeat this at home. It may get annoying for the rest of the kids, if you have a large family, but patience and encouragement always paves the way for the little one to go for something bigger. As the child identifies the letters of the alphabet with an object, he relates to words too.

At the Singapore playgroup, children come out of their shells. This could be because of a mixed bag of cultures at the school. In learning to communicate with the peer group in another language, a child’s mind is open to think differently and out of the box. The formative years in your little one’s life can impact him in his later years. Not every child is similar to the other, some adapt and learn faster than the others. Give him time, ultimately, kids always adjust.

Here’s how can you choose the right nursery school for your child

A number of nurseries may be available in the place you live and this may make your task of choosing the right one for your child difficult. Therefore, you should do proper research.

The first step is to have a list of nurseries in your locality. You can inquire with the parents in your locality whom you know if they can suggest any nurseries. Once you have a list, you must ask the following questions, the answers of which will help you in choosing the right pre nursery in Singapore.

1. Does the pre nursery have spaces for the particular time you are looking for?

2. Do they have space for your child? Some schools put a cap on the number of children they admit.

3. Will your child be provided food and if so, which meals will they serve? Will the foods have all the nutrients your child may need?

4. If your child is very small, will the school offer diapers, etc., or should you bring them?

5. Where will the child sleep and will the space be ventilated well?

6. If you decide to leave the pre nursery in Singapore, do you have to give a notice and if so, when?

7. How is the security arrangement in the school? Can outsiders enter the school premises freely? Has the school put in place good systems for the security of children?

8. What is the policy of the school with regard to those children who become ill? Most of the schools ask the parents not to send their children to their school if they have been affected by certain diseases, because such illnesses may cause harm to other children as well as employees of the school.

9. Does the school have good space for playing and other activities?
Apart from ensuring that the school bestows utmost attention on the safety of children, you should check if there is a clean environment in the school premises. Unclean environment will lead to health issues to your child and hence, you must not commit the mistake of choosing a school that does not take steps to have a clean environment.

Likewise, if the school will be supplying food to your child, you must be certain that the food is prepared in a clean kitchen. This is very important because children are easily susceptible to infections that may be caused by unclean kitchens.

The curriculum should have a lot of play and fun activities because experts believe that such activities will help children learn faster and more easily.

Is A Playgroup Necessary For Your Child?

The question in the minds of most parents is whether a playgroup is a requisite in a child’s life. It is a necessity in today’s world, otherwise your child will miss out while other kids grow and prosper. In fact, quite a number of schools insist on a playgroup and kindergarten experience prior to joining regular school. A playgroup in Singapore is a safe place where a child spends a couple of hours with the peer group. A playgroup offers a learning experience with a number of activities and sharing is one of them. During this time, children get to express their talents, in singing, recitation, drawing, colouring, acting and anything that is appealing.

A child, in a group of others, most often enjoys the fun. That being said, however, if your little one does not like the place that s/he is going to and expresses her or his The question in the minds of most parents is whether a playgroup is a requisite in a child’s life. It is a necessity in today’s world, otherwise your child will miss out while other kids grow and prosper. In fact, quite a number of schools insist on a playgroup and kindergarten experience prior to joining regular school. A playgroup in Singapore is a safe place where a child spends a couple of hours with the peer group. A playgroup offers a learning experience with a number of activities and sharing is one of them. During this time, children get to express their talents, in singing, recitation, drawing, colouring, acting and anything that is appealing.

A child, in a group of others, most often enjoys the fun. That being said, however, if your little one does not like the place that s/he is going to and expresses her or his displeasure all the time, you need to check out the place. While the child is in the company of carers, she or he is taught social niceties without being overly strict but firm. If a child is being bullied by a carer or by another child, report this immediately. Nothing should deter a parent from speaking out, because every child is precious.

At a playgroup in Singapore, children enjoy practicing their new skills, they learn to play with others. There are structures in place where kids improve their social skills and help them prepare themselves for school. Children from the age group of 18 – 30 months are admitted at the playgroup. Babies, in general, do not enjoy large groups and the smaller the group, the better it is for the child. During this time, children get the opportunity to watch other children playing. Invariably when they see this, they imitate the others and, in the bargain, make friends.

A social child will enjoy the playgroup experience, whilst a shy child may need to be taught how to get along with other kids. At some of the playgroups, parents also get to make friends with other parents. In fact, it is a win-win solution where kids and their parents make friends for life. Looking at all the advantages that a playgroup brings to the table, it is an ideal choice to consider for your child. Aside from it being a great deal of fun for the kids, it is an opportunity for parents to bond and even offer babysitting services!

How To Find A Suitable Playgroup For Your Child

The task of finding a suitable place for your child to play can be quite daunting, but it needs to be done, anyway. There are plenty of choices available and to get it right can be quite nerve racking. Here is a simple guide to follow.

  • Have a look at a place at least six months to a year before enrolling your child.
  • Make sure that you look at a number of schools before you zero in on one.
  • Some schools have a wait list, so if you finalise on the one that you like, call in and right away.
  • Children usually attend preschool with the playgroup in Singapore, between the ages of 18 months to 30 months.
  • Check out whether it is for half a day or the entire day. The entire day solution is ideal for working parents.
  • Check out references from other parents. If you are satisfied with the responses of random parents, this would be the one for your little man or little lady.
  • Verify if the school has a strict policy on potty training. Most of them require that the child has been potty trained. If you have not accomplished this, you will have to look for a playgroup that provides this. That being said it is much better to train your little one on using the potty before sending her or him to playschool.
  • Find out about the group activities that are offered and if it will be a rewarding experience for your child.
  • Do the carers have adequate experience?

There are quite a number of points to consider before enrolling your child in a preschool group. A parent always knows what is necessary and going with your gut instinct most often is spot on. At a playgroup Singapore, children are encouraged to speak in English and Mandarin. This bilingual method of communication paves the way for your little one to learn something new.

A playgroup that offers time for children to socialise and learn something new must have carers who are pleasant and kind firm. For a couple of hours, the little angel will be in the care of others. The experience must be a happy one not one that causes the child any pain or harm. If the values imparted are in sync with yours, the playgroup may just be the right one for your sweetheart, keeping in mind the location and the run rate of the school.

Features of A Good Preschool

One of the hardest things for a parent is knowing and accepting that the time has finally come to put their child in a preschool and that means not having the entire day to spend with their beloved child. also, it can be very difficult and scary for a parent to place their child in the care and attention of someone else, someone unknown to them.

Why is it important to choose the perfect preschool for your child?

It is imperative that you as a parent are 100% comfortable with the preschool or kindergarten center that you decide to put your child or children into. This is the place that will lay the foundation for your child’s mental, physical, intellectual, cognitive and emotional development which are the building blocks for your child’s healthy future.

Here, in preschool, the child will be exposed for the first time to other children his age or 1 year older or younger than him and will learn how to communicate with them and share his space with others especially if he is an only child. he will learn the basics of language, mathematics, and science as well as how to be sociable and interact with peers. This is why it is very important to choose the right preschool for your child.

What to look for in a good preschool?

As a parent here are a few important things to look out for before narrowing down on a preschool or kindergarten center for your child –

1. Reputation – choose a preschool that comes recommended from friends or family. Talk to other parents who have previously enrolled their child in a particular preschool and take their feedback on how good or bad the preschool was. It is always safer to go with a preschool that comes recommended from family and friends who share the same mindset as you.

2. Location – make sure to choose a preschool that is close to your work or home so that you don’t waste time commuting in heavy traffic. Also, a lot of preschools do not keep children beyond a certain point as the child tends to get cranky, irritable, scared and lonely. It is important to pick your child up from preschool on time and spend some quality time with them at home.

3. Curriculum – take a good look at the preschool’s curriculum and what your child will be learning throughout the day. Make sure that the curriculum has a mix of indoor and outdoor activities as well as team building and interactive sessions to get your child to come out of his comfort zone and mix with others and make new friends.

Molding The First Step Of Your Child Through Learning

Care and isolation for young minds are confidently provided by a required group. There are definitely surprising things that these wholesome groups bring in which can greatly benefit your precious one. If you, as a parent, yearn to send your dearest one to this certain marvel then you better do appropriate ways to find for the most outstanding one in the city.

Various things should rightly be noticed. If you are looking for the reason why you should send your kids to a playgroup in Singapore then you need to be precise with your requirements. There are accurate things to consider so to fully grasp for the exact group you wish to situate your child in.

Take in mind that these groups are a great way to keep your child practicing his measures to get along with others. With the help of reliable professionals, they always do everything to sink learning up within their minds and hearts. Trying new ways to play is also viewed inside these groups.

As for you parent, you will completely find exciting ways to meet other parents and make thrilling acquaintances. You will surely link wholesome parenting experiences by what other parents share to you. Of course, you will also find time to share your thoughts to them which can make communication more exciting and blissful.

If you are asking what this group is then you better find accurate answers in here. With what is found inside a single room, meeting of other young children is fully conceived. But it does not stop there, since your kid will completely meet perfect carers who can massively offer them worthwhile supervision and socialization. Everything happens once in a week inside this group, which in turn, will certainly make parents find more time to never be confused with their work schedules.

When looking for a reputable association, you need to be exceedingly keen in finding out exact details written on their spot. What you need to perceive inside a good group is on how it provides training, professional support, regular publications, comprehensive insurance cover, advice about resources, details of special events, and information on workshops and conferences.

It is tremendously crucial to ask yourself queries first, particularly when suiting it over readiness. Added to that, you also need to strike worthwhile glimpses by creating questions on a blank sheet.

As for your questions, yield everything up rightly through number and ages of kids inside the group. Consider taking up inquiries regarding on your need that your child will be involved in structured activities, discussion for involved parents, best time and day for play, discipline and supervision of children, and the cost you are willing to pay for the membership.

Checking The Best Child Care For Your Kids

Kids are amazing. They can do whatever they wanted to do in the future as long as you provide them the right materials and proper nourishment to back them up. This is our role as a parent. This can be quite simple, but in most cases, it will appear hard.

Looking for a center to help your child grow is critical. Since your kid will not be able to decide on their own whether they should go to child care centre in Singapore or some other places out there. You are the one that is responsible to this, so be very precise with your goals and if there are some other things that you wanted to focus on, then consider that as well.

You should always prepare a list before you move to the searching procedure. This is basically a list of the things that you should expect to have once your child graduates to that institution. If you have this, you can easily compare it to the goals of the school and see if it helps you. Whether we like it or not, this is our job to consider into.

Everything in life have their own pros and cons. If you are accustomed with the listing procedure, then you should do that as well. You have to realize that there are many reasons that you should get to it. If you are getting tons of pros over the cons, then you are getting the best out of it. If the contrary is showing up, then move on.

Seeking for recommendation from your friends are great too. You are the ones that are responsible to check if they are providing you the best information that you could ever ask for. We tend to realize most of this as we go along with the whole shot.

If you wanted to learn about the reputation of a certain company, then do your job and check out what are the things that they are willing to provide. For sure, they will be glad to assist you with everything that you wish to achieve in the process.

The most important part here is to understand how the pricing works. If it just too huge for you to expend, you can either move back quite a bit and do some checking on your end. The moment you realize that, the better it would be.

We can always learn from the basic elements of it. You have to do the necessary aspect that you wish to do and get the best out of it.

Understanding The Benefits Of Getting A Good Preschool

Schools are vital not only when we are trying to learn, but this is also important if you wanted to improve your skills in any way. Since there are several methods that you should learn from it, be more aware of what are the things that you wish to be doing.

To get something with it, you have to realize what those details could do and if there are something that you wish you wanted to learn. Pre-schools in Singapore are totally great They provide learning experiences for you kids that would give the idea on what they should be doing next. If you are interested to find out how to find the best one, let us walk you through with it.

The first thing you should do before you select an institution for your kid is to understand what your goals are. Of course, kids do not have this as of the moment. All they care about is how they can make fun of the things that they wish to do. Since you are in charge here, then do your best to give them everything that they wish to settle.

We make tons of mistakes because we can learn a lot from it. This is great if we know how to cope up with these changes. However, not all individuals are good when it comes to this aspect. Most of us tend to give up mid way not hoping to get something done in the long run. As much as you can, always try to do what is right.

We read a lot of books because we know that there is something that we wish to do with it. The more books that we can get into, the better. We might not always get something done in the long shot, but reading can totally open up your mind with ease.

We take note of all the information you wish to do. While taking down some information, you can either recheck the benefits that you intend to give into or supply everything that you wish to get yourself about. So, do the necessary stuff going.

The last part of the process is to understand the pricing and if it helps you with what to do with it. The prices are amazing if you know how to negotiate with it. This can be quite tricky on your side, but it would be totally be worth it.

We tend to do what is right because we understand a lot of factors to consider yourself about. Just see if it helps in your favor and get into it.

Tips for Finding an Affordable Playgroup

Your kid may not be ripe enough to go to a school but attending an affordable playgroup in Singapore will help your child learn right social and emotional skills to attend the proper school with confidence.

Plan ahead

The best strategy for saving money is planning ahead in time. This is the way to save hundreds or thousands of dollars. The best places to look for are the programs that are not out to make money. These are less expensive childcare programs because these programs are subsidized either by the non-profits with the mission to support families or the government. Recreation Department and county parks are the best places to look for.

In addition, you may look for several other places such as libraries, city recreation departments, state and community parks, temples, churches and other religious institutions. JCCs, YMCAs, girl scouts, community centers, public schools, symphonies, museums, nature centers, consulates and embassies. In addition look for co-op formats or cooperative playgroup. It could save you thousands of dollars a year compared to private school costs in education.

Choose wisely

While playgroup is critical to the proper growth and development of small kids, spending thousands of dollars may not be everyone’s idea of a playgroup. Play group is not just a great fun but it is also important because it develops a set of critical skills among children including social interaction, communication, problem solving and physical skills. If you cannot find a playgroup in your area, you can always start one of your own.

There are several reasons playgroups are created. The playgroups in your area could have become full or there are no playgroups in your area. There are many playgroups that are held on only specific days. Therefore, the idea of starting a playgroup of your own can be wonderful and certainly not something that is impossible.

As a first step you will need to find families with children in the same age group. These families can be found at hospitals, child health centers and schools. You may put up a notice at sports or community center or church or at all these places. Next you need to choose a place and fix up a day and time. The place could be a public venue or community or member’s houses on a rotational basis. Next you need to decide on the activities and play, set the guidelines and get the playgroup finally registered. The cost of running the playgroup can be minimized with all the members chipping in their contributions.

Storytelling in Preschool – Benefits and Importance

Preschools are the stepping stones towards kinder garden education that help children understand basic details about colors, shapes and other objects around them. Just as games and social interactions are a part of pre-school activities, storytelling is a common way of helping enhance learning capabilities of children. Like everywhere around the world preschools in singapore engage children in interactive storytelling with the help of props and actions. Teachers encourage children to share stories about their experiences at home with other members and pets or during holidays and vacations. When children share their experiences in the form of stories it encourages their creative abilities and also increases memory when they try to recall past incidents.

Improving language skills

Storytelling in preschools is an essential part of basic education as children learn to appreciate different speech inflections and expand their vocabulary with new words. When they are asked to tell stories on their own, children develop language skills as at this young age they are still trying to put words together. Within preschools in Singapore children are encouraged to ask doubts about stories and characters which makes them communicative and also increases their confidence to speak up in a peer group.


Students that take part in storytelling exercises improve their creativity as they learn about new places, relationships and characters that leave an impact on their young minds. While teaching children about their cultural roots, stories also help them use familiar concepts of day to day incidents in innovative ways. When children watch teachers using funny gestures, sounds and dramatic expressions to explain scenes in the movies they also try to incorporate the same antics in their own story telling sessions to engage audience.

Improves memory and general knowledge

Even with educated and knowledgeable parents who understand the importance of early education and engage in regular dialog with children, youngsters need stimulation and challenge of their peer group to learn new things. By interacting with others in their preschools in Singapore they learn about challenges of multicultural life which stimulates their imagination about new worlds. Memory cells are constantly challenged by storytelling exercises as they have to remember dialogs, characters and plots without the assistance of reading materials. Books teach children about different cultures, history and languages inspiring them to explore further about new stories.

Parents should continue storytelling that has been discussed at their child’s preschool in Singapore by giving it a more colorful twist. This will help the child know that there could be several viewpoints to one incident.

Benefits and Tips of Napping for Children


Researchers have shown that about 85 percent of the mammals have a tendency to sleep for brief time-period throughout the entire day. However, human beings do not belong to this category as the days for them are classified into 2 separate time-periods. While tome is dedicated for wakefulness, the second one is for sleeping. However, there is no clarity about whether it is the natural sleeping pattern for the mankind or not. Elderly people and young kids prefer to take nap in the course of the day. In fact, napping is a crucial part of several cultures.

Many of the developed countries and emerging economies are depriving themselves from the much-required sleep. Many a times, it is the hectic lifestyle that prevents people from taking a nap. However, a nap is not adequate for making up for poor or inadequate nighttime sleep. But when you take a brief nap for about twenty minutes to half an hour, your mood can improve tremendously and your work performance and alertness may also improve. Many of the renowned world leaders such as George W. Bush, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Napoleon, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill are to known have appreciated the importance of an afternoon nap.

Tips for your children’s nap

  • A brief nap for your child is an integral part of childcare in Singapore. When your child takes a nap for about half-an hour in the afternoon, it can improve his performance and alertness without intervening with the sleep at nighttime.
  • The sleeping environment for your child has a great impact on his ability of falling asleep. You should ensure that your child is lying down in a restful place and the room has a comfortable temperature. Make sure that the noise level and the extent of the light are limited so that your kid can have a peaceful nap.
  • In case your child takes his nap quite late in the day, it can affect his sleep during the nighttime. Your child in such cases may not find it easy to sleep at his regular bedtime. On the other hand, of your child takes the nap too early in a day, you child’s body may not be prepared for some more sleep.


Benefits of a nap

  • Studies have proved that naps can help in enhancing performance, restoring alertness, and reducing accidents and mistakes. NASA had conducted a study on sleepy astronauts and military pilots and came out with an observation that a nap for about 0 minutes enhanced the alertness level by 100 percent and performance by 34 percent.
  • Napping offers psychological benefits for your kids. It can be similar to a brief vacation and a luxury in many ways. Your kid can be completely rejuvenated and relaxed after a short nap.

Things Kindergarten Teachers Want Parents to Know

Kindergarten days aren’t always the same as you remember them. Although academically it is a new grade, the main goal of kindergarten still remains to impart a lifelong love for learning and development among children, that will help become all round individuals in the future. Needless to say, the first day at kindergarten is as important for the kids as it is for their parents. Obviously, you do not remember how your tough your kindergarten days were and the time has changed a lot as well. To help you go through the first day of your kid’s kindergarten journey, here are a few things you need to know.

Be strong, and make your child feel comfortable

On the first day of your child starting kindergarten, make sure to let your child know about you being comfortable with him/her going off to school. This will make them feel more at ease. Also, don’t just linger around the class room or their work place for the whole time. All you need to do is give them a quick hug and allow the teachers to take care of the rest. And even if your child starts crying, understand that kindergarten teachers are prepared to deal with such events on the first day and that your child will calm down and adjust better to the surroundings once you leave.

Hold on to your concerns for the right day

There are chances that you might be concerned about a lot of things regarding your kid’s first day in Kindergarten. But even if you are, make sure to hold the discussion until the end of the crazy first day as it might not be the best time to address those issues now. Instead, you can come and talk to the teachers later some day, or can just drop an email to the administration about the same. You can also leave a message to the teacher and set a time to the meeting.

Discuss with the teacher about the issues that your child is facing at school

If your child is not keeping well or having difficulty with some other kindergartner, it is best to discuss the issue with the teacher first and foremost. The teacher knows both the students and will have a better understanding of what is going on between the two. Moreover, the teacher can also help you with possible solutions and things that you need to try first to solve the problem.

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