Why must child safety be a top priority in childcare centers?

Leaving your child with an almost stranger is scary enough but not knowing whether they are safe or not is something that can cause nightmares in even the most trusting of parents. Children are prone to mischief and some forms of mischief can even cause them to get injured. It is important that all child caregivers be well prepared and trained to be able to prevent these injuries and illnesses as well as being prompt and quick to react in cases of emergencies.

The most important first step towards keeping the children safe from illnesses is to keep the child care center clean. This includes cleaning and disinfecting the beds, linen, toys, utensils and any other surfaces that the child will touch clean and safe from microorganisms.

Changing of diapers and toileting are the two major reasons for the spread of germs in a child care center especially those with a playgroup in singapore , it is important that this is done in an area that is away from all the children and minimizing the spread of germs in the child care center. It is also important that any child who needs to use the toilet is supervised as that is the area where most injuries can take place.

No matter how care full the child caregiver is there are always some instances there are always some unforeseen emergencies that they will have to deal with. That is why it is important that all child care centers have first aid kits that have all the required supplies. These kits should be kept in a place that is easy to reach and should be checked every three months for supplies that have expired or that need to be restocked. It is also important that the child caregivers are well trained in first aid and how to react in times of emergencies.

It is important that the child care centers make the outdoor play area safe for the kids; here are some tips for the safety of the child outdoors.

Never leave the children alone outside.

They should be taught the dangers of playing near the street and should be explained the importance of asking for help if a toy rolls onto the street or the driveway.

Always check outdoor play areas and remove any article that can be harmful to the child.

Make sure that all outdoor play areas are well fenced with gates that have child proof latches so that there is no danger to the child.

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How To Choose The Right Music Course For Your Child

When you decide to send your child for music classes like guitar lesson singapore there are two major decisions that have to be made before they start playing the music. The first question would be which instrument you think would be the best for your child. And the second is which class do you send your child to.

The child can usually answer the first question for you as they will be the one who is learning it and will choose the instrument that they are most interested in and comfortable with. The second is the big questions that you will have to ask yourself and figure out on your own.

The first point to remember while choosing the music class for your child is to find out who the teacher will be and interact with him or her before you enroll your child for that class. It can also be a good idea for you to take your child along during this meeting and see how the child and the teacher interact with each other as it is very important the there is a comfort level between the two that can facilitate the child’s learning.

Another important factor to consider would be how many other students are in the class at one point in time. This will depend on your child’s ability to concentrate and grasp the concepts of music that are taught to them. You can choose between one on one sessions for your child with the music teacher or you can choose a group class where the child can interact with other potential musicians

The next factor will be the location of the music class. It should not be too far away so that it becomes difficult for you to drop and pick up your child. On another note, the class should be located in an area that is safe for you and your child.

The final important factor that you have to consider while choosing the music course for your child is the cost of the classes. It is important to consider the cost as well as the service that you will be provided for that cost. Listen to the reviews of the classes and then make the final decision as you may be wasting more money if you choose a cheaper class and the teachers are not professional enough and do not teach the child any helpful skill.If you are planning to get your kid enrolled into drumming lessons Singapore, why not try out Ossia.

Why Parents Like To Send Their Kids To Private Primary School?

Everyone may not have the same reason for sending their kids for a private school education. However, all parents would agree that they prefer sending their children to a good private primary school for the following reasons.

Enhance academic opportunities

One accepted merit of a good private primary school in Singapore is that it offers to challenge as well as exceptional academic experiences through the IB curriculum, Advanced Placement courses, extracurricular activities, gifted programs and much more. Moreover, students of private schools constantly keep scoring high marks in college entrance examinations and standardized tests. There are several private schools where hundred percent students attend the University of their Choice.

Smaller class strength

Many educational researchers did a detailed study on the impact of a class size. The study showed that when the class size is smaller, the performance of the average students become better, especially in academic achievement tests. And when your children get exposure in a smaller class for a longer time, the gains for them are even greater. Depending on the style of their teaching, all private schools concentrate on the importance of smaller teacher-to-students ratio so that students can be given more individualized focus on their areas of improvement and polish their skills.

Greater parental involvement

A majority of the private schools are developed around the principle of open and free communication between the school administration and the parents. There are frequent meetings between parents and teachers, active participation of parents in fundraising activities, family camps over the weekends and parent breakfasts. All these initiatives are taken to make sure that the parents become an integral part in the education of their children. Such initiatives also ensure that the relationship between the parents and the children are strengthened.

Safe environment

It has been observed that a majority of the private schools enjoy a reputation of keeping a high standard in matters of respect and discipline. Since the staff-to-student ratio is lower in such schools, teachers can observe their students more effectively and control the in the school premises.  Private schools also demotivated dangerous behavior.

Dedicated teaching staff

Many parents claim that the teachers’ dedication and experience attracted them towards private schools. Instructors in good private schools are both passionate and qualified in their subjects.

So if you are planning on sending your kid to a private school, make sure you do a good amount of research before making a decision.



Why Learning a New Language Will Give Your Child an Edge

Parents do not always know of this, but children are far more capable of learning a new language during their formative years than when they get older. Singapore Private Schools offer your child the chance to enrich their mind as they grow older, This means that by the time they obtain their high school diploma, they will be one step ahead of other children, and better capable of navigating their way across today’s world. Children, while they are still growing and while their brains are still developing can learn a language with greater ease. Compared to adults, whose brains have become developed, younger children can learn a new language better.

Singapore Private Schools give your child the opportunity to do just that. Here is a list of reasons why it is beneficial to give your child this added edge while they go to a private school.

  • Improved Brain Development: Research has shown that the brain of a young child is very active during their formative years, especially in the area of learning languages. This ability diminishes as a person ages. Children are far more receptive to languages around them and can pick things u[ with surprising ease. Actual effort is required once a child reaches the age of seven, but before that their mind is free to pick up a language from their surroundings. Also, modern day research shows that those who are bilingual or multilingual are also less likely to suffer from disorders such as Alzheimers.
  • It Helps with Their Native Language as Well: The ability to think in more than one language is a great gift to any child. It helps them to be natural translators, as well as to communicate with various people from across the world. If you are worried that being bilingual might negatively affect your child’s growth, then put your mind at ease. A child is more than capable of learning multiple languages at the same time.
  • It Creates Cultural Awareness: We live in a global society, and it is increasingly becoming more important to acclimatize ourselves to that fact. By encouraging your child to learn a new language, you help them to open the doors to another country. Not only do they learn the language, they gain the ability to learn about different cultures as well. By becoming more receptive to the global nature of today’s world, they become true citizens of modern society.